Supervision Handbook

wp0_wp3674c9a1To promote freedom for inner work, your group must understand and define the values under which you’ll conduct meetings and promote God-Centered creative openness. But as we know, supervision for spiritual directors isn’t always easy. When an individual supervisor isn’t available, group supervision is a great option.

Some benefits of Group Supervision:

  • Softens the heart, helping the director become more humble, so that you’re more open to God, self, and directees
  • Expands inner freedom and develops transparency
  • Improves your ability to concentrate on the movements happening within the directee
  • Develops self-awareness and listening skills
  • Enables the director to become more God-Centered
  • Enlightens, energizes, and elevates the spiritual direction of every group member
  • Develops close relationships, trust, and respect among member

The Supervision Method and Practice Handbook can help any group begin or improve upon supervision. It provides formats for recording direction sessions, supervision presentations, verbatim, and a supervision meeting agenda. Order your copy today on


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