On Saturday, we talked a lot about the resurrection and learning to love like God (What Ignatius called the contemplatio). But I also spoke at length about the Paschal mystery. If you go through the presentation, you'll read about the Pascal mystery having five parts: Death, Resurrection, Ascension, Waiting 40 days, and Pentecost.

We each live the Paschal Mystery in our lives, sometimes going through the five steps over and over. Sometimes it takes a long time, even years. Sometimes it's short. We can even experience the Paschal Mystery all in one day! When we suffer loss, we can choose how we want to suffer, of course. Christ offers us a way to make that suffering redemptive. (2 Cor. 7:10)

Fortunately for us, our wounds can be healed and redeemed. We can learn to love like God once we embrace the methods of Jesus - the death, resurrection, Ascension, and receiving the grace of the Holy Spirit so we can go on to spread God's love.

If you want to know more, check out the presentation from the April meeting here. 

Is social distancing only for our churches, schools, and small businesses but not for riots, protestors, looting & special funerals (450 people)?

Which infectious disease chapter can I get this information from?

Any help here, Dr. Fauci?

I supported this man for POTUS in 2016 before Mr. Trump. Although, now because he cares about human beings, (Beginning with the unborn.) he leaves any judgement behind and, supports our POTUS! Abortion is a desecration of human rights. 🙏💔😢👥

“Memory is the place wherein is stored the treasures of the wise; it is the ark of truth, the living book of man; the womb where the soul cherishes her sons and daughters so that they are never killed by forgetfulness” - Francis of Osuna (15th century Franciscan)

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