Several of you asked for the Discernment PowerPoint presentation from our February Meeting. Click here to view it in PDF.  Discernment Powerpoint 2018

Is social distancing only for our churches, schools, and small businesses but not for riots, protestors, looting & special funerals (450 people)?

Which infectious disease chapter can I get this information from?

Any help here, Dr. Fauci? https://www.dailywire.com/news/dc-mayor-exempts-john-lewis-funeral-attendees-from-citys-quarantine-restrictions

I supported this man for POTUS in 2016 before Mr. Trump. Although, now because he cares about human beings, (Beginning with the unborn.) he leaves any judgement behind and, supports our POTUS! Abortion is a desecration of human rights. 🙏💔😢👥

“Memory is the place wherein is stored the treasures of the wise; it is the ark of truth, the living book of man; the womb where the soul cherishes her sons and daughters so that they are never killed by forgetfulness” - Francis of Osuna (15th century Franciscan)

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