I used to say I was attending my “last” Spiritual Exercises meeting, but it was never true. My kids still kid me about that. Because when the program ends, it might be the last meeting for that particular group, but it’s never the end for the organizers, or for those who direct. The Exercises are like life – a continuum that calls us to prayer and leads us deeper, closer to Christ. And now, between sessions, we can get ready for the next session.

If you are providing the Spiritual Exercises in the fall, here are some things you can do to prepare:

  • Sent bulletin notices to all local parishes
  • Update your Facebook page and other social media concerning your program
  • Order new brochures
  • Talk to local pastors to arrange pulpit talks and information meetings
  • Evaluate your program and decide if there need to be any adjustments, deletions, additions
  • Celebrate with your directors and volunteers, rewarding a job well done.
  • Enjoy the summer!